If a rich person had given money to pay for the show


Nearing the finish line brought on the culmination of every emotion I’ve felt over the past year and beyond. Tears flooded my eyes as we crossed the finish line hand in hand. Nearby,our sitter waved to us. Where is the player who steps up, changes the culture of a losing team and proclaims they are going to become a winner? The last time this happened was approximately ten years ago when Chris Webber decided it was okay to play for the Sacramento Kings, and Vlade Divac and Mike Bibby joined him. That was the foundation of a good team that said, “We don’t have to be losers just because we play in Sacramento!” That’s what the Clippers, the Golden State Warriors, the Toronto Raptors, and a bunch of other hapless teams need: a winning mentality. It won’t come from the high school (now one and done) players.

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My prayer is that we do not become so inured to hearing about violence that it ceases to touch us deeply. It is too easy to think that other people or cultures are at fault and that we can simply turn a deaf ear. No one is immune from this kind of evil as this act of homegrown terrorism confirmed..

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The toughest road trip, Sept. 24 at Utah State, might tell us more clearly what to expect. Predicting 12 0 is never smart, because so many things can happen (and the Falcons often wear down in November) but it’s easy to see this AFA team going at least 10 2..

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Date: September 10, 2015

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